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Working Hand-In-Hand

We recognize that raising a child is a full-time job that does not end with the school day. One of our goals is to create a bridge between home and school in order to cultivate a consistent and encouraging environment for learning. However, we cannot do this without your input and support. Teamwork between our staff and parents is absolutely essential. By participating in daily correspondence, reading the monthly calendar and daily postings, scheduling conferences, and attending field trips, you can stay current with your child’s development and play an active role in their daily routine. Furthermore, you are welcome to visit the center at anytime and share concerns or ideas that you may have. “Together we can create a wonderful and rich educational experience that your “Little Miracle” will carry with them into Kindergarten and beyond.”


Toilet Training Policy

Staff Members at Little Miracles:

  • Treat each child as an individual who will develop at his/her own rate.
  • Are calm, patient, and show a matter of fact attitude when toilet training.
  • Clearly communicate the behavior that is expected of the child.
  • Anticipate gradual, rather than instant success.
  • Do not employ negative discipline (punishment, scolding, or shaming).
  • Observe each child to determine readiness.
  • Encourage and praise each child to determine readiness.
  • Encourage and praise each child for success and understanding of accidents.
  • Switch from diapers to under wear when the child is ready.
  • Encourage the child’s ability to learn.


From Parents

My son has been going to Little Miracles for three years and loves it! I feel so comfortable dropping him off at school knowing that he is in good hands. He comes home with so many stories of his exciting day with Ms. Tina and Ms. Nickie. They love and care for all the kids like they are their own! He has learned so much over the past few years and I can't believe it's almost time for him to leave. There is nothing but love and learning at this school and it's a perfect start for your Little Miracles to begin learning. I'm expecting a little girls soon and can't wait to bring her to Little Miracles so she can make as many wonderful memories as our son did! I am so thankful to Little Miracles for giving our son the foundation he needs to start Kindergarten!
-Nicole Barros